Return Policy

Welcomed Returns

Rent-to-own customers are never obligated to make the next payment. No other transaction in the marketplace provides the consumer the option to continue payments or return the product without penalty or damage to their credit. Customers are granted Reinstatement Rights when a product is returned. This means they have up to six months to have their items redelivered without accumulating late fees. When a product is redelivered within this time frame, customers are able to pick up where they left off with their payments.

Give yourself peace of mind. Enroll today! It's like insurance for your tires.

Every club membership includes:

Free Flat Repair

(for the life of the tire)

Free Rotation

(for the life of the tire)

Theft/Damage Protection

(after 90 days - if purchased)

Road Hazard

(tire replacement for life of the agreement)

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