Tire and Wheel Club Benefits

A wheel or tire purchase from RNR Tire Express - Midwest means you’re not only getting the best deal, but you can also join our members-only clubs that give you added protection that just can’t be beat!

Our Roll-Pro and Roll-Safe clubs will give you the peace of mind coverage you deserve, and joining is easy and affordable. We offer the best value to our club members, from coverage for damage under the rental agreement to coverage for a product that is stolen.

Roll-pro Club

With the Roll-Pro membership, your no credit financing wheels and tires will be repaired or replaced while you are making payments on the product. It is a great feeling knowing that you are covered for damage from those pesky common road mishaps.

  • Flat Repair
  • Cracked or bent wheel repair due to pothole damage
  • Road hazard impact tire replacement
  • Replacement for tires punctured from road debris (nails, glass, etc.)
  • We will cover up to $1,000 in repair or replacement during your active rental agreement.


Roll SAFE club

Roll-Safe membership covers your wheels and tires in the event of a more serious issue. Knowing that you are protected from the unexpected is exactly what you can count on with this coverage.

  • Theft after 90 day
    (must be up-to-date on payments and accompany a police report)
  • Damage due to a vehicle accident where the product can no longer be returned
    (must accompany a police report)
  • Paying off the remaining amount owed after a fire or death
    (exclusions can apply)


Give yourself peace of mind. Enroll today! It's like insurance for your tires.

Every club membership includes:

Free Flat Repair

(for the life of the tire)

Free Rotation

(for the life of the tire)

Theft/Damage Protection

(after 90 days - if purchased)

Road Hazard

(tire replacement for life of the agreement)

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